#MeetaMedia Berlin 2017

That was fun!!

Thank you to the journalists and startups who participated in this great new Meet-a-Media session in Berlin during the betapitch Global & Investors Day!

This was the 6th iteration of this format, after Madrid an Brussels, we were back in Berlin to organise a new speeddating of selected startups and journalists.

Here are the main conclusions from journalists feedbacks to startups pitches:

  •  you only have 3 minutes to “convince” a journalist, make a good use of it, figure out quickly who is your interlocutor
  •  start with the “Why?
  •  don’t focus all your pitch on your tech/product
  •  journalists need stories, give them emotion, talk about the personal aspect of your idea
  •  don’t do too long introduction
  •  build a personal relationship with the journalist, even in 3 minutes!
  •  have something to show, demonstrable (on the internet or physical), this is a faster and cleaner way to present your idea
  •  show your product/idea in an easy way to understand it quickly
  •  skip too much details, keep it simple
  •  know your competitors
  •  don’t mix advertisement and storytelling, come with interesting data

What startups say about it:

  • very good exercise to train a startup to pitch a journalist
  • how to tailor your pitch when you don’t know the journalist media affiliation
  • learn how to surprise a journalist, they like it!
  • journalists ask the right questions, right away!

A special Thanks to the journalists for their time and so valuable feedback!


Plan A – plana.earth
Deskish – www.deskish.com
Adasky – www.adasky.com
Jungo – www.jungo.com
Greenss – www.greenss.net
TikApps- www.tikapps.com
VocalZoom – vocalzoom.com


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