4 Workshops, no excuse

The world is a village and you can take advantage of it to communicate your project on a worldwide level and be featured in international media.

But how could I get media attraction and make them write about me?

That’s what I will explain you during a workshop based on real case study and methodology we developed and use for our clients to get successful results.

7 Steps to a successful International PR Campaign

1. Create Pressroom
2. Connect Frontline
3. Define Objectives
4. Write Contents
5. Test Contents
6. Launch Campaign
7. Close Campaign

Next workshops in Spain


Thursday 23rd – Las Naves – Valencia

Monday 27th – International Lab – Madrid

Wednesday 29th – KonTag – Madrid


Saturday 9th – ZincShower – Madrid

Clic on the date you are interested in to book your place.

Workshop Salón mi Empresa

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