Action map

We boost your customer decision process

We all know that good results aren’t only the product of luck.

Nine out of ten startups will fail, and find themselves in “The Chasm”.


Most startups burn their resources before jumping to the next level.

As we know that most startups have limited resources (time, money, work force), we created the Communication Diagnostic to identify what you have to focus on and when to achieve your business goals faster.

This is the vital first step before committing resources to any communication action.

How do we do that?

We take an in-depth look at your company’s communications and apply our work structure and processes to discover where is the bottleneck of your user journey and how we can improve your customer decision process.

Our thorough analysis we help you to:

  • optimise resources
  • lower the risk of failure
  • accelerate your customer decision process
  • have a final action plan to implement in a specific time frame