Brussels startups Meet-a-Media

To continue our Europe tour, we stopped at Betacowork for the new iteration of Meet-a-Media in collaboration with

More than 50 startups registered for the session, we had to select 10 of them, not an easy task!

In Brussels we had to cope with the reality of the european capital: 3 official languages! That means startups had to be ready to pitch their story to journalists in French, Dutch and English!

The most frequent comments of journalist to startups that came out of this session are:

  • Common mistake: too technical
    Improvement: numbers are good but help journalists see the story behind it
  • Common mistake: too focused on the product
    Improvement: talk about the big picture and where you fit in
  • Common Mistake: lack of authenticity
    Improvement: Be you. Don’t pretend.

Here you can check the pictures and participants of Brussels Meet-a-Media session

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