BECOMEWIDE is led by Olivia Czetwertynski, international consultant specialising in Global Communications and growth strategy for startups.

As an early member of the European coworking and entrepreneurship movement, in 2010 she joined utopic_US, Spain’s largest coworking space as Communications Director and later Partnership Manager for Coworking Europe. She also contributed to the development of, the first bloggers platform in Spain. Prior to this she worked for world-leading advertising agencies MRM Worldwide and TBWA.

Her work reflects her international background, having been born in Canada and lived in Africa, Belgium, Spain and currently Germany.

The Becomewide team is characterised by its flexibility, adapting to the needs of each particular client. Made possible by Olivia’s professional and personal network, we work with communication specialists, growth experts, top journalists and local media brokers, depending on the nature and requirements of each project, client or market.

You can find and follow Olivia on social networks as @olivita