Meet-a-Media at CEBIT 2018

The “new” CEBIT 2018 partnered with BecomeWide

to bring Meet-a-Media sessions to its startups and journalists.


This year, CEBIT, the world’s largest tech expo. rebranded, offering “tried-and-tested tradeshow elements, inspiring conference events and special networking platforms, all embedded in an energizing and captivating festival of bright ideas for the digital future.”

The new model features four new sections, d!conomy, d!tec, d!talk and d!campus, that focus on the concepts of business to business in a new setting, disruptive business models and startups, pioneers and lateral thinkers of digitalization, and experience and emotion out in the open.

This dynamic structure has paved the way for new, innovative ideas to change the expo, and Meet-a-Media is a part of that: A disruptive way for journalists and startups to meet, the sessions create an exciting environment to improve vital communication, and offers an excess of business knowledge in under an hour.

“Meet-a-Media was created to bridge the communication gap between startups and journalists by creating a unique session based on a speed-dating format in which startups get the opportunity to pitch to journalists and receive direct feedback, and journalists get to make connections with top startup founders” said Olivia Czetwertynski founder of Meet-a-Media.

In fast paced 3 minute sessions, startups have to properly articulate their company’s mission to the press without knowing who they were speaking to beforehand, before time is up and they move onto the next journalist to start again.

The original platform gives startups the opportunity to get inside the minds of journalists, and during a feedback session receive exclusive information on what journalists look for while hunting for a story, and ask how to successfully be featured in the media.

Meet-a-Media at CEBIT selected a diverse crowd of around 20 startups and journalists from numerous countries around the world to pitch ideas and offer feedback through the two sessions on June 12th.



Here are the main conclusions of the two sessions:

On the startup side, they participants remarked:

  • They grew from the speed dating and feedback
  • The opportunity was something they had never experienced before
  • The sessions gave them do, and do not, lists for pitching journalists
  • The experience improved their perspective on handling the press

On the media side, journalists concluded that startups needed to:

  • Slow down and ask questions
  • Know who they’re talking to before they start pitching.
  • Immediately tell an interviewer why what they are doing is important
  • Speak to the media honestly instead of trying to sell their pitch rather than inform

The positive attitude from both startups and journalists signaled two successful events, and connections between the two groups that will last longer than the length of the sessions. Some journalists took the opportunity to write about certain startup participants, displaying a good collateral effect of Meet-a-Media.

Overall, the edition of Meet-a-Media to CEBIT resulted in a favorable new experience for many journalists and startups, and reaffirmed the successes seen through past sessions on a grander scale.

If you would like to be a part of a future Meet-a-Media session,or want to know more, contact


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