F = ma

After working with several acceleration programs in Europe, I know that the main challenge for program managers is to support the selected startups to achieve their business goals faster and all that in a short period of time.

Based on my experience working with startups, I developed a concise and practical stystem to mentor startup, making them work to get direct output and results from each session.

The beauty of a system is that it can be adapted to any kind of field and stage, also it can be copied and improved by the startups for their projects.

During the session, the startups will learn how to use the communication to accelerate their customer decision process, sell more and optimise resources.

Communication is often the black sheep of startups that are focusing on their MVP or trying to get investment. Communication has many aspects and is present in every development stage of a startup.

It is important to take advantage of it, and be ready when it is time to use it as a weapon to grow faster and better.

Deliverables for each session:

  • communication work system
  • Work templates
  • Metrics tables
  • Audit book: “57 items to build your online international pressroom”

F = ma – If we want to speed down, we apply the brake to go slower. If we want to speed sideways we turn the steering wheel to change our direction. Each one of these changes in speed of the mass (m) is an acceleration (a) that results from the application of a force (f). Newton formulated this application with: F=ma.