Workshop: How to use the media to boost your business goals

Are you ready to grow faster?

As a startup you have limited resources (time, money, work force) which need to be optimized to the maximum in a short period of time.

We all know that being featured in Media can boost your startup’s momentum and help you to achieve your goals faster.

However 90% of press campaigns fail and do not reach the desired business goal.

During the workshop, you will get access to the same proven and tested communications processes we use to help our clients to get successful results with their international communications campaigns.

Our straightforward approach has been specially designed for startups on a tight budget and it can be easily repeated by you to optimise time and resources.



With this GoPressGuide, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the media industry and know how to use the tools to get successful results. You will apply our system to your project using our campaign workbook, which includes templates, checklists and metrics to evaluate success.


  • how to evaluate if / when doing press is relevant for you
  • how to optimize your resources
  • how to use the media to accelerate your customer decision process
  • how to lower the risk of failure
  • how to carry out an international press campaign
  • how to pitch a journalist + #AMA with journalist
  • how to measure the success of your campaign

After the whole day workshop you will have the chance to “ask anything” to a journalist who will give you first hand information about how to craft your message, how to get media attention and good results.



  • Proven and tested system
  • Campaign workbook
  • Work templates with metrics and tools
  • Pressroom audit book “The 57 items to build the perfect pressroom for international journalists”


8h workshop:

  • 6.30h workshop: 9h-12.30h / 13.20h-16.30h /
  • 1.30h ask me anything with a journalist: 17h -18.30h

Included: café, tea, water and snacks all day
Not included: lunch

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Maximum: 7 participants

Included: café, tea, water and snacks all day
Not included: lunch

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